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The physicians and health care providers working and living in Renfrew and Area are doing so by choice. We asked them why they choose Renfrew and why are they staying.



" I chose Renfrew because of the variety it has to offer in community medicine.  I am constantly learning and at times it can be hallenging, but I always feel supported by other physicians, nurses and staff.  Now that we have moved into the new building, we are all very excited and look forward to the growth of the community.

Dr. Tara Avelino - August 2017






"From our first visit to Renfrew, we could feel the warm hospitality and the great collegiality with everyone we met.  I am very fortunate to be a part of this growing community and look forward to seeing how my practice evolves.  Working in the community really defines the role of a Family Physician and I can honestly say that I love the work that I do!"

Dr. Anthony DeJesus -  September 2017





"After many years of training and moving around the country, I am so glad to finally have found a home.  I have been welcomed with open arms into the medical community and am very excited to start a primary care practice here.  Renfrew is a beautiful town with the feel of rural living and also the draw of rural medicine but also less than an hour from Ottawa - so convenient!"

Dr. Amanda (Comeau)Low - September 2017




"It was an easy decision to start working in a beautiful community with great staff and good support from the Ottawa Hospital."

Dr. Ben Blaine - May 2017









“What drew us to Renfrew specifically were the collegiality amongst the doctors, and the smooth operation and friendly staff of the new medical clinic.  We also felt that there was a sense of community in the town and that there would be a lot of opportunities for us to get involved.”

Dr. Jessica Bodig - January 2012

Dr. Pinard“A rural practice, more direct involvement in overall patient care than the city, good relationships with other physicians and hospital management and a vibrant medical community, these are some of the reasons I choose to live and practice in Renfrew.”

Dr. Phillippe Pinard - January 2012

Dr. Arcand"I found Renfrew by chance. I was placed here for my Family Residency rotations.

I fell in love with the place. It’s a beautiful community with lots of nice lakes around it.

We wanted to live in a small community; it’s the perfect size and close to the Ottawa."

Dr. Jennifer Arcand

Dr. Varrin“The dedication the people of Renfrew have for the community hospital is incredible. A family doctor here is not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Doctors are supported by a dedicated staff at Renfrew Victoria Hospital. The big city hospitals I’ve trained in are no comparison.”

Dr. Angela Varrin - January 2011

"I moved to Renfrew in 1996 and have been impressed with the variety of quality services that the Renfrew Victoria Hospital provides. The staff at the hospital are wonderful. We continue to provide quality care to our patients. I have also found it an excellent community to raise my family in. The proximity to some wonderful facilities like Calabogie Peaks is super."

Dr. Stephanie Langlois

"Renfrew is a great place to live and work.  There is a well run hospital, a collegial medical group and a very relaxed environment overall.  It's been a great place to start up our practice and a very welcoming community."

Dr. Allison Clarke

PHYSICIAN RECRUITMENT:  If you would like to learn more about establishing a practice in Renfrew and the area, a growing community just 45 minutes west of Ottawa, we would love to talk to you.

Please contact Patti Dillabough Physician Recruiter at 613-432-4851 Ext 312 or via e-mail at



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